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The Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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NOTE: Once you've reviewed these instructions, please go to the CCC 2017 Registration Page  to register, or visit the CCC home page for more information.

CCC 2017 Logo
 ONLINE REGISTRATION IS BY CREDIT CARD ONLY: Payment must be made within 30 minutes of completing online registration, or the system will reset. Want to Pay by Check Instead? Download our Printable Registration Form and mail it in with your check by Sept. 1. Non-discounted day of event registration is also available. 

There have been noted issues with a checkout system that requires returning customers to login when only used once a year. We recognize this issue, and have disabled that feature. Now, no registration will require nor will it ask you if you want to log in.
The club will continue to pay credit card fees for all registrants to encourage online signup. Paypal is being used as the payment facilitator. Feel free to login to your Paypal account if you want, but it is not necessary to complete this payment process.

When adding other family members as additional riders, the registration cost is assigned to you and family members are added at no cost. For example, if you complete Early Bird registration and select "Family -25/40 mi." ($40.00), additional family riders are added as "Family-Additional-25/40 mi" ($0.00). Individual registrants: please do not add additional riders.

PARTY-ONLY ATTENDEES: Whether you are registering as an individual or as a family, You can add one or more family or friends as "Guest" non-riders who will attend the Post-Pedalin' Party ($15.00 per non-rider). These fees are in addition to your rider registration fees.
T-SHIRTS: For each person included in your registration, you'll have the option to buy a great looking T-SHIRT featuring the CCC 2017 Logo (shown above). Cut: Regular Men's or Women's (see at left). Sizes: S through 2XL. Color: bright safety green. Fabric: 100% poly, moisture wicking.

CCC 2017 Registration Page.