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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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The NoBell Award is the most prestigious award we have. Recipients work tirelessly for bicycling in general, contribute much to the club, and are admired and respected by their peers. The five previous No Bell Award recipients compose a committee to select the next recipient.

2019 - Jim and Sandy Elliott

Excerpts from Harv Koplo's presentation at the 2019 Winter Banquet:
"...a unique situation this year - there were two top choices – the NoBell Committee chose both!

First NoBell Recipient

  • Nurse - 25 Years
  • RN Memorial  - Locked Psych Ward - 5 Years
  • 20 Years ago became Nurse Practitioner
  • First 5 Years Lincoln Correctional
  • Last 15 Years - Spfld Clinic - Moha division
  • Last 10 Travels - Iowa, etc – Work Comp physicals, drug screening, etc
  • 12 Years ago, recipient started doing Triathlons, but after a couple, not like swimming, Stuck to running
  • Started bicycling for cross training, found it strengthened her running, continues to cycle

Second NoBell Recipient

  • 27 Years - Enlisted Active Duty Air Force
  • First, Aircraft Mechanic
  • Crew Chief - Airplane Maintenance – Entire Aircraft other than engines and avionics
  • When National Guard transitioned to F16, went into management
  • New Role - Operat Production - Scheduled Maintenance, Parts Procurement, Flights
  • 12 Years ago when National Guard jets left Spfld he retired
  • Said If not younger guy would lose job

As luck would have it, Our two NoBell recipients happen to be married. In 2012 guy started biking to accompany wife on triathlon training ride.  Both started cycling heavily together,  joined SBC in 2013.

  • BikeTek customers - 7 years ago, tried to ride with “A” riders at BikeTek Tues & Thurs. They wanted to ride but couldn’t keep up
  • Convinced Bob @ BikeTek to get a Tues ride started for slower riders.
  • Bob signed up a ride leader - who he knew was moving in two weeks - but didn’t tell our recipients he was moving
  • Recipients rode with him 2 Tuesdays -  Two weeks later, when no leader showed up, as Bob probably suspected would happen, they took it over

Between the two of them, this Tuesday ride grew from a few weekly riders into the largest regular ride in the club. Yes, as you may have guessed our two NoBell Recipients for 2020 are Jim & Sandy Elliot!

Sandy started the Tuesday “C” Group Facebook page, which attracted many riders – many were runners she knew. Jim helped lead the ride. Jim & Sandy publicized & led that ride for 7 years, and it grew and grew. They brought so many riders to the Challenge Rides, Derek & Brigetta had to move it to Rochester Park, not enough room at Rochester Station

A couple years ago Jim had hip problems, only exercise he could do was cycling. He rode the day before his first hip replacement surgery , then 4 weeks after - back on his bike. He rode 1,000 miles before having the other hip replacement done. A year later, he completed a 46 day ride from San Diego California to St. Augustine Florida

Sandy continues to work part time as a nurse practitioner. When she asked for a month off last winter so she could vacation in Florida, Spfld Clinic refused. She told them she would just retire if they wouldn’t let her go. Sandy is so competent, Spfld Clinic changed policy and told her to come work whenever she wanted.

Sandy and Jim bought a house in Florida, off St. Petersburg at St. Pete Beach. They are wintering there this year until April 1, when Sandy will come back to work. Jim says he will always return to Illinois for bike riding, it is so crowded down there the rides are terrible.

“We are really spoiled in Springfield” he says “Folks don’t realize how wonderful the country roads are for cycling until they leave. But I’m not comin’ back to the cold again – I’ll see you in Spring!”

    • 2018 - Ted Sunder
    • 2017 - Michael Higgins
    • 2016 - Alan Whitaker
    • 2015 - Harv Koplo
    • 2014 - Jim Hajek
    • 2013 - Matt Saner
    • 2012 - Kevin Greene
    • 2011 - Brigetta Ewing
    • 2010 - Tom Clark
    • 2009 - Bill Donels
    • 2008 - The Elston family, Kedra, Mike, Jack, and Brea
    • 2007 - Robert LaBonte
    • 2006 - Lynn Miller
    • 2005 - Cindy Kvamme
    • 2004 - Cathy Yeaman
    • 2003 - Chuck Orwig
    • 2002 - Lance and Lisa Kidd
    • 2001 - Don Struck
    • 2000 - Mark Flotow
    • 1999 - Linda Butler
    • 1998 - Alan Josephson
    • 1997 - Dave Lucas
    • 1996 - Derek Ewing
    • 1995 - Garland Stevens
    • 1994 - Ernie DeFrates
    • 1993 - Dave Heaps
    • 1992 - Theresa DeLeon
    • 1991 - Karl Kohlrus
    • 1990 - Mike Becker
    • 1989 - Louie Spinner
    • 1988 - Rich Huelskoetter
    • 1987 - Mike Huelskoetter
    • 1986 - Dave Stjern
    • 1985 - Greg Lakebrink
    • 1984 - Dean Wisleder
    • 1983 - John and Marcy Werthwein
    • 1982 - Dave Ringland

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