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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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SBC Mileage Tracking

The SBC uses a third-party tracking program ( to allow our members to keep a running total of miles ridden on club events. These totals are used at the end of each year to determine eligibility for Spinner Awards.These awards are presented annually at the SBC Winter Party to high-mileage riders in the following ranges:

  • 10,000 miles + (Spinner Platinum)
  • 7,500 – 9,999 (Spinner Gold)
  • 5,000 – 7,499 (Spinner Silver)
  • 2,500 – 4,999 (Spinner Bronze)

The table below describes how to use the rider tracking feature on  Questions about the program can be directed to David McDivitt at


RIDES THAT HAVE A DESIGNATED RIDE LEADER (Ride Leader enters the mileage for the group)

Downloadable Ride Leader Form in PDF

Ride Leader Mileage Entry Form

 Normal Club Ride
Ride appears on the club ride schedule and has a ride leader. The ride leader enters information on the club website or mails the ride sheet to the club records keeper.
Members may contact the ride leader or club records keeper with corrections.
Ride miles to and from the club ride count toward club awards.

 Out of Town Rides
 Normal club ride with an out-of-town location

RIDES THAT DO NOT HAVE A DESIGNATED RIDE LEADER (You will enter your own mileage)

BikeHappy Mileage Entry Page
 Show-N-Go Rides
Ride Appears on the Club Schedule.
Miles in this category come from rides that appear in the club ride schedule without a leader, or for schedule rides when the ride leader does not appear.
A member can volunteer to collect miles from other members on the ride and enter the information on the club website or mail a ride sheet to the club's record keeper.

Ride Does Not Appear on the Club Schedule
If two or more club members ride together on other than a scheduled ride, they may submit the miles to count towards club awards.
 Commuting Miles
 Miles in this category come from riding point-to-point for a purpose. Enter miles in the "commuting" column.

 Other Organized Rides
 Miles in this category come from riding on a published ride with another club or organization.