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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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Nominations Sought for 2019 NoBell Award

 | Published on 12/19/2019

Nominations Sought for 2019 NoBell Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2019 NoBell Award. This is perhaps the highest honor that the Springfield Bicycle Club bestows each year: to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to bicycling in the Springfield area.The origin of the award’s name is somewhat murky, but presumably involves the prestige of the international Alfred Nobel Prize and the more specific bicycling reference to a Bell helmet, one of the first truly effective cycling helmets. While there are no formal requirements for being nominated for this prestigious award, the award committee takes into account the length of time the nominee has been involved in bicycling and the contributions he/she has made within the local cycling community. Past award recipients have been recognized for going above and beyond normal levels of support and enthusiasm for bicycling. They have worked tirelessly to promote bicycling, contribute much to the club, and are admired and respected by their peers.

Nominations for this year’s award should be submitted to one of the members of the 2019 NoBell Selection Committee, which comprises former NoBell recipients.The members of the committee are: Jim Hajek <>, Harv Koplo <>, Alan Whitaker <>, Michael Higgins, and Ted Sunder <>. You can make your nominations in person, by email, or phone but the nominations should be received not later than December 24th . To assist the NoBell Selection Committee in its task of reviewing nominations for 2019 it is recommended that you submit a brief narrative supporting your nomination, although this is not a requirement. The committee will do some research on its own before arriving at a winner for this year. Little-known information about a nominee is always appreciated and makes for a more informative and entertaining formal announcement of the winner.

Previous Winners:

1982 –Rich Huelskoetter

1983 –Greg Lakebrink

1984 –Louie Spinner

1985 –Dean Wisleder

1986 –Dave Ringland

1987 –Bud Cline

1988 –John & Marcy Werthwein

1989 –Dave Stjern

1990 –Mike Becker

1991 –Karl Kohlrus

1992 –Theresa DeLeon

1993 –Dave Heaps

1994 –Ernie DeFrates

1995 –Garland Stevens

1996 –Derek Ewing

1997 –Alan Josephson

1998 –Dave Lucas

1999 –Linda Butler

2000 –Mark Flotow

2001 –Don Struck

2002 –Lance & Lisa Kidd

2003 –Chuck Orwig

2004 –Cathy Yeaman

2005 –Cindy Kvamme

2006 –Lynn Miller

2007 –Robert LaBonte

2008 –The Elston Family

2009 –Bill Donels

2010 –Tom Clark

2011 –Brigetta Ewing

2012 –Kevin Greene

2013 –Matt Saner

2014 –Jim Hajek

2015 –Harv Koplo

2016 –Alan Whitaker

2017 –Michael Higgins

2019 –Ted Sunder

Please give this some careful thought and get your nominations in to a committee member by Dec. 24th . Your support and input are greatly appreciated.

Thanks –The NoBell Selection Committee.