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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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November 2020 President's Message

Troy Gilmore  | Published on 11/12/2020

SBC Members and Area Cyclists,

As I write, the temperatures are dropping from highs in the mid-70s to the mid-50s. It is now dark at nearly 5:00pm. In the pro cycling world, the final grand tour of the year just concluded this past weekend. Altogether, It does not seems like time to get the trainer out of the closet, but I am sure that day will come all too soon as well.

Board Business

Just because the routine outdoor cycling season is wrapping up does not mean that your Board has been sitting back, talking it easy. We continue to hold monthly meetings via Zoom. Here is a super brief run-down of a few of the things that we are working on for you:

  • 2021 Board of Directors & New Bylaws are out for a vote by Club members right now
  • Pactimo orders have gone in (Nov 12) with expected delivery by Christmas
  • Membership categories have been simplified (announced January 1)
  • Events for 2021 are in the works including the Capital City Century

What is your reason for cycling?

Bicycling Magazine recently published an article (November 9), titled “11 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Cycling” (


This article reinforced what I was recently told at my annual physical a few weeks ago. It has been about three years ago that I was diagnosed “pre-diabetic” and was told that once I’m attached to that label, there is no going back to being “non-diabetic.” Nearly 6 months ago my family physician told me, “[When it comes to cycling & weight loss] if you want to go faster up the hills, watch what goes into your mouth.” So, I have watched what I ate (but not necessarily counting calories), cutting out many carbs and sugars, dropped a few pounds, and cycled a whole bunch of miles this summer. When I stopped in for my annual physical last month, all my numbers are right where they should be (in a good way)! I was told that if I had not done those things (including cycling), as of today, I would be diabetic (no ‘pre’ about it).

Here are the points from that article that stand out to me: #5 (Less Fat), #6 (Lowered Risk of Cancer)—but I’m not sure how to explain my testicular cancer diagnosis a year ago, #8 (A Longer Life)—I turn the big FIVE OH next month, #9 (Lowered Risk of Parkinson’s Disease)—my Dad is going through some unknown health issues right now & this might be a possible diagnosis for him—I can relate to this in a more personal way, #11 (Less Stress)—in this COVID-time we all know about bad stress—cycling has been my release this year, for sure!


So, what is your reason for cycling? We want to hear from you. Drop us a line at or share with us on Facebook (Springfield Bicycle Club, Springfield IL) or Instagram (springfieldbicycleclub).


Be safe. Be well.
Wave to me if we meet on the road or trail.


Troy Gilmore
SBC Acting President