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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

Date: 2/8/2021
Subject: February 2021 SBC News
From: Springfield Bicycle Club

SBC News - February 2021

SBC Members and Area Cyclists: 

The past year saw more people jumping on bikes for the first time and those first-time riders are excited. But, if you have been riding for years and COVID isolation has been getting you down, how do you stay motivated to continue cycling? Here are a few suggestions that might help. Here are some tips modified from Bicycling Magazine from back in June 2020 that is still very applicable as we move into spring 2021.

Explore a new route

It is easy to fall into a routine when it comes to your cycling routes, as we often find certain roads we enjoy. But part of the joy of cycling is really exploring our surroundings, so why not consider searching out some new areas to explore on the bike. Try riding slightly further than you have before as this naturally takes you to new spots, but also consider taking a different turning off down a quiet-looking road – this can often lead to finding some real gems.

Forget the data

We can all be guilty of over-thinking the numbers from time to time. Whether it’s obsessing over the distance, trying to set new power bests, or fretting over average speeds, cycling is full of fascinating metrics. But sometimes focusing on the numbers can sap the fun out of the bike. This thought petrifies me but try going for a ride without your GPS on, with no time scale and no map – just pedal and see where the ride takes you. Or for those reluctant to leave behind all the numbers, try putting your GPS in your back pocket so you can check the numbers after the ride, but your attention is free to enjoy the ride.

Join a cycling club

Due to coronavirus lockdown, most people who started cycling over the last few months have done so either alone or with a handful of people from their household. But one of the great joys of cycling is the social life and there is no better way of meeting like-minded riders than joining your local cycling club. With restrictions beginning to ease, we are slowly starting up group rides (with reduced group sizes).

Get some new kit

It does not matter what bike you ride or what clothes you wear, as long as you’re riding your bike. But for some making a cycling-related purchase can help you reinvigorate your motivation. Being keen to test a stylish new jersey or a new component for the bike is a great reason to get out and ride, and it does not have to be expensive, just a jersey, or new shorts will make you pedal faster and further. The SBC Pactimo store will be opening February 14.

Get a Strava subscription

If you are an SBC Member, you can track your miles on the SBC Mileage Tracking tab on the website. But if you want to track all the data that comes along with mileage, check out Strava. This data/social media tracking service is $6 a month (there’s also a free version that does not include all the bells and whistles). Many Strava users will tell you com that competing over segments, setting goals and analyzing your data might be well worth the monthly fee. Segment leaderboards are a great way to compare your efforts to those of other local riders and can also help you measure your own abilities as they progress. The Springfield Bicycle Club also has a “club” on Strava for SBC members only.

Remember the benefits

The benefits of cycling are well-documented – improved fitness and mental health being two of the biggest. It can be worth familiarizing yourself with all of the way cycling can help make your life better but make sure you remind yourself why you started cycling and why you continue to enjoy it. Often our goals and motivations change as we dig into cycling more, but there will always be a core reason why you find riding your bike so fun – so don’t forget it!

Your Board continues to meet regularly via Zoom. You will find an update on many of the items we have been working on in this update.


Wave to me if we meet on the road or trail.

Troy Gilmore, SBC President


Pactimo Store Opening

SBC Members have an opportunity to purchase SBC branded cycling clothing. The SBC Pactimo Team store will open February 14-28. Clothing should be received around the middle of April. New this time are black bottoms. Anything that is worn below the waist is now offered in basic black with white logo. That means bibs, shorts, tights, leg warmers. You can sport the Club logo without compromising that favorite top you love. If you are not a member, memberships start at $25.

Check out the website for membership information.

January 2021 Membership Report

  Active members: 351

New Member:
Sam Hughes
William Illa and Diana Nieves

 Renewing Family:

Mark and Linda Flowtow
Kevin and Naomi Greene
John and Ruth Ann Hamilton
    Bob and Sandy Steimel

   Renewing Individual:
   Judy Carmody
David Greene
Pamela Hart
    Michael Phelon
         Charlene Vollmer


Thanks to the following members, who provided generous donations to the club with their memberships:

    Kevin and Naomi Greene
    John and Ruth Ann Hamilton
    Bob and Sandy Steimel

Bill Donels Memorial Fund Update


At the time of this writing $1,846 in donations have been received.

On March 9, 2020 Bill Donels, a longtime member of the Springfield Bicycle Club, died quietly at his home.  At his passing the Club lost a valued member and friend, and the cycling community lost a tireless and effective advocate.

During his career at Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) he served as the Trails Program Manager and was instrumental in the development of 70 miles of greenways and trails at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek site.  After retirement in 2002 he continued his work with the development of trails and greenways in Springfield and Sangamon County and worked with the appropriate agencies in the development of long-range plans for trails, streets and other cycling opportunities.  He was effective in the development of plans and implementation of the trails around Springfield, most recently the extension of the Sangamon Valley Trail.  He served on the Springfield Bicycle Advisory Committee and served as its chair; he assisted in the efforts that succeeded in the city receiving national recognition as a Bicycle Friendly Community from the League of American Bicyclists.

He was an avid rider and early member of the Club, which he served as a board member and as legislative liaison, keeping the club informed of developments and conveying to public agencies the concerns of club cyclists.  In 2009 he received the Club’s No Bell Award, our highest honor.

As we approach the anniversary of his death, the Springfield Bicycle Club, in association with the Bicycle Advisory Council, seeks to honor him with a memorial along one of the trails that were so important to him.  We are seeking $2000 for a bench and installation that will bear his name.  We hope you will be able to help to honor a man so important to Springfield cycling.

Ride Database

Do you have any favorite rides in and around Springfield? Would you be willing to share them? We want to begin a database of rides that members and area rides can access. Email Ride With GPS routes to

Group Rides Coming in May

The Board is looking to offer led-rides in May. We realize that small groups have formed during this COVID time. Riders may feel most comfortable riding solo or in their small bubbles. Working together we can safely offer led-rides. In order to prepare us for May, there will be a ride leader training via Zoom that will be conducted on either Tuesday, April 6 or Wednesday, April 7.

Please RSVP for either date by emailing Troy Gilmore at

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