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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

Date: 5/12/2021
Subject: SBC announces the Sangamon Cycling Series
From: Springfield Bicycle Club

New for 2021 - the Sangamon Cycling Series

The Springfield Bicycle Club is excited to announce a new event for 2021 -- the Sangamon Cycling Series


What is the Sangamon Cycling Series?

The Sangamon Cycling Series (SCS)  is a series of four rides, held in May, June, July and August. Riders have a 9 to 10-day window to ride each route in the series. Each ride event begins on a Saturday and ends on a Sunday, as follows:

Event 1:   May 22-31, Centennial Park
Event 2:   June 19-27, Stuart Park
Event 3:   July 17-25, Chatham Community Park
Event 4:   August 14-27, Rochester Community Park

For each ride in the series, there will be four distance options to choose from. Routes will be published and made available to all registered riders in the week prior to each Event. The distances will be approximately as follows:

25 miles
40 miles
60 miles
100 miles

Who Can Participate? 

The SCS is open to both members of the Springfield Bicycle Club and non-members. With four distances, this ride caters to all levels of riders, from the novice rider wanting to check out a road ride, to the seasoned rider looking for a challenge. 
Is there any support on this ride? 
The safety of our riders is very important. On the first Saturday and the last Sunday of each event, the SBC will have at least one aid station set up at a location(s)  to be determined and will provide bottled water and prepackaged nutrition for all registered riders. In addition, on the first Saturday and last Sunday of each event, there will be ride leaders who will lead the 25-mile and 40-mile distances.
Is there any swag?

NEW!  SBC T-Shirts. All registrants will receive a Springfield Bicycle Club t-shirt. These are unisex CVC crew shirts from Next Level Apparel, with three color choices.  


Sign up for the series and your name will be entered into a drawing for one of 16 bike shop gift certificates. At the conclusion of the series in August, one name from each event for each of the 4 distances will be drawn and the certificates will be awarded. 


There is a fee of $22.00 for the entire series to help the club defray the costs associated with this series. 


Email with any questions. 


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