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Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

Date: 9/22/2020
Subject: September 2020 SBC News
From: Springfield Bicycle Club

SBC News


SBC Members and area cyclists,

Here is a summer wrap-up and a fall look-ahead:

The Club’s annual “Challenge Rides” are a series of three or four routes that lead up to the Capital City Century. The first one usually takes place in April and about every 5 weeks after. There are multiple distances from 30-100 miles that riders can “challenge” themselves with working toward the century, or even double metric, in September. The phrase “2020 is an unprecedented year” is heard way too often, but 2020 changed all our cycling events. The Club adapted the Challenge Rides and the Capital City Century as social distancing and State regulations won’t allow large organized events. Annual awards will not be given away this year. The Challenge routes were announced mid-spring, and riders had a three-week window to ride and report to the club they did so. 64 unique riders rode a total of 111 times. Several riders rode more than once, and 18 riders rode all 3 challenge rides.

117 cyclists registered for the 2020 COVID Capital City Century! Riders were encouraged to ride the route on their own time between September 12-20. (The traditional CCC would have been held on September 13.) Your generosity supporting this event was overwhelming! Funds collected through this event will help in part to replace those lost through the traditional CCC.

Several riders rode their first century though this unusual event. If you did your first century, we please let us know by emailing and A special social media announcement will let the world know your achievement. A specially designed certificate will also be mailed to you, suitable to frame, marking your milestone.

I rode the Century with 7 other guys on Saturday, September 19. A cold morning, with temps in the mid 40’s, had sunny skies that warmed up to a high in the upper 60’s. Central Illinois has some beautiful scenery. We experienced the rolling countryside and some of the toughest hills the Petersburg area has to offer. I’m proud of those guys for tackling this challenge. We all made it through with some new stories to tell.

Board Update

Since April, every Board meeting has been conducted via Zoom. Your Board has been active, working toward improvements for the Club. New membership categories have been proposed and will be announced in January. The Club bylaws have been overhauled. Advocacy efforts continue. The Board would like to present its slate of proposed officers to the membership for an annual meeting in November. As we cannot get together in one room, the meeting will be conducted via Zoom. If you would like to participate, a Zoom link will be sent out to all members with the slate of officers in the coming weeks.

As we move into fall and approach year’s end, ask yourself, “Where will my next cycling journey take me?” Maybe it will be on a bicycle, but maybe it is destined for supporting cycling. If you would like to be part of a group of a dozen who are shaping the future of cycling in Springfield, I challenge you to consider a Board position. Elections will be held in November with office terms running for the calendar 2021 year. For more information on holding an office, email me at or call at (217) 720-1568.


Be safe. Be well.

Wave to me if we meet on the road or trail.


Troy Gilmore

Acting President

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Total members: 419


New Members:
Patty Bennett

Renew at Patron:
John and Amy Engelmeyer
Jim and Nancy Hall
Tracy and Jack Hurley

Renew at Sustaining:
Judy Nesbitt
Stan Grainick and Laurel Garber
Alfred Arkley
Jim Covington
Jon Roth

Renew at Contributing:
David Chapman

Dee Wise

Linda Kelly

Michael May

Paul Fleming, Linda Starr-Fleming, and Angela Starr

Gary and Lynn Woener

Jan Cimarosa

David Banks

Margaret Kelly
Kenneth Connell

John and Deane Kinsel

Ben Stone

Garland and Lesley Stevens

Cathy Yeaman

Eileen Grace

Bud Altman

Nick and Amanda Fogelman

David Wild

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